Visual Effects Course in Chandigarh

Diploma Course In Visual Effects

Visual Effects Course in Chandigarh

Visual Effects Course in Chandigarh offered by Chandigarh Film Academy is in the middle of the best courses offered in Composting and High end VFX. Visual effects are created digitally and modified for TVs or Video Games. The basic slogan is to keep the watcher glued to the characters and motions with effects and graphics. Grouping of computer generated memory and live action footage causes digital composition.

Chandigarh Film Academy Visual effects course in Punjab make use of latest applications imparted on high end hardware. Course in cent percent job assured with leading Post production houses of the country.

Course Content


  • Sketching (Drawing  Perspective, Storyboarding, Stop-Motion)
  • Adobe Photoshop: History/Element of Graphic Design, Digital Design, Types of Masking, color correction, Digital Images
  • Photography (Fundamentals of Photography, Theory about DSLR)

Motion Graphic  & Editing

  • After Effects : History & Technique of  Rotoscoping , Motion Graphic,  Matte Painting Development, Special Effects,
  • FCP (Non Liner Editing, Broadcast Editing, Sync Sound with Video)
  • FumeFx (Digital Destruction using FumeFx, Advanced Particles Effects, Fire & Smoke)
  • Rayfire (Dynamics Simulation, Glass Tracking, Explosions etc)
  • Krakatoa (Particle Rendering, Manipulation, Motion Blur, Large amount of particles handling)
  • Realflow (Hydrodynamics using Real flow,  Integrated with Maya, Realistic Water Simulation)

Compositing & Camera Tracking

  • Nuke (Basics  Intermediate The Foundry Nuke,  Rotoscopy, Node based compositing, Color Correction, 3d compositing, Paint & Cleanup using Adobe Photoshop & Nuke)
  • Advance Roto Techniques, Advance Paint Techniques, Chroma Keying Techniques, Day To Night Conversion, Digital Makeup, Creating Visual Effects Element, Time Warping, 3D For NUKE,
  • Fusion (Basics  Intermediate  Eyeon Fusion, Rotoscopy, Node based Compositing, Layers Compositing , Matte Painting Development, Stereo Compositing ,Paint & Cleanup using Adobe Photoshop & Fusion)
  • PF Track – Camera Tracking,  Camera Match in 3D

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Visual Effects Course in Chandigarh


After pursuing integrated course in Visual Editing, you can have many career opportunities to establish your position as Digital Effects Animator and Painter, Modeler, Technical Director, Visual Effects Supervisor, Compositor and Pre-Visualization Artist in TV Production House, Advt. Agencies and Animation Studios etc ..