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Video Editing & VFX Course

Video Editing & VFX Course In Chandigarh

Morph Academy offers Video Editing & VFX Course In Chandigarh .The editor of a film or TV show is responsible for imparting the right pitch, beat and tempo to the storytelling after the film or TV show has been shot. We at Chandigarh Film Academy impart to you fair academic as well as practical film & TV editing education under the supervision of working professional editors. The Certificate courses in video editing & VFX course in Chandigarh train the students at expert level and handles any projects in post production. Perhaps even without the need to attend or visit any Video editing institute in Chandigarh.

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Video Editing & VFX Course In Chandigarh

Course Content

  • Video Film Making Course in ChandigarhIntroductions of editing in films
  • Power of Editing. Role of a video editor.
  • Idea of Continuity and Montage
  • Selection of a shot, Frame and Composition
  • Creative use of Transitions
  • Timing, Pace, Rhythm
  • Parallel action / Intercut
  • A lucid Cut, Rules of Editing, Breaking the Rules
  • Creative use of sound. Sound editing.
  • Handling Dialogue and Action. Creating Drama through cuts.
  • Art of shaping a story through cuts. Suspense and Surprise factor.
  • Understanding Negative, Video, Digital.
  • Multi-camera set-up / Off-line and On-line Editing
  • Beat-cutting / Editing Song
  • Documentary Editing
  • Practice with the advanced tools of editing. Key frames, Multicam edit, Media management, composting, color correction, titling, EDL/XML, conforming etc. Students complete the course with a 5 mins visuals promo as the showreel project
Duration – 6 Months

Eligibility – 10, 10+2

Schedule – Monday to Saturday

It is hugely taught in schools and video engineering institutes to include the Video editing institute in Crhandigarh, Punjab.