Script Writing Course in Chandigarh

Certificate Course In Script Writing

Script Writing Course in Chandigarh

The script of a film is an outline sketch made by a painter before making the painting itself. A film script is a verbal blue print of a proposed film which indicates the order of events in a story, its dialogues and also the visual treatment and style. While it is possible to start making a film without a script, it is impossible to complete a film without scripting it. Chandigarh Film Academy completely believes that the screenplay is the basic backbone of all filmmaking. The film industry is basically an entertaining idea industry. And the person who generates and curates these ideas is the writer. All film and TV projects begin with the writer.

Chandigarh Film Academy‘s certificate course (Morph Academy) in screen writing prepares you to achieve your dreams and build your career as a screenwriter.

Script Writing Course in Chandigarh

Course Content

  • Historic Perspective: The silent era, The sound eraScript Writing Course in Chandigarh
  • Basics of Writing: Writing Tools, Concept Development
  • Story Tale assembly Basic elements of Story
  • The 3 Act Structure
  • Actions and Descriptions
  • Formatting
  • Synopsis and Treatment
  • The Scene Outline
  • The First Draft
  • First Professional Draft
  • Polishing
  • The Good Read
  • Screenplay Out line v/s Treatment Characterization Characters Biography.
  • Dialogue: Characterization by Dialogues Text and Sub text
  • Showcase: The Indian Scriptwriters

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After successfully completing the course, students can start their careers as Screenwriters for Film Production Houses, TV Production Houses and Channels. They can also work as independent writers. Copy writer in advertising agencies and In house writer for various production houses and channels.