Photography Course in Chandigarh

Duration : 6 Months | Minimum Qualification 10th

Diploma In Professional Photography

Photography Course in Chandigarh

Chandigarh Film Academy are offering Professional Photography course in Chandigarh. Photography is the most popular medium of capturing all the precious and memorable moments of life. This course will prepare students for the professional world and groom them to enter the industry with all new and practical experience. Team of highly qualified and reputed Guest Lecturers will help students to understand the commercial aspects of photography.

Course Content

The progress and the history of cinema

  • Film analysis and film approvalPhotography Course in Chandigarh
  • The language and the grammar of cinema
  • Who is a director?
  • Techniques of screenplay writing
  • Tools of Screenwriting Character, Conflict & Structure.
  • Story Formats, Film Genres
  • Staging the scene & Shooting techniques
  • Pre production for Director: Charts, Shooting script, Shot division, Master shot, Insert
  • Handling of actor
  • Technicians and other unit members
  • Basics & advance classes in other relevant areas of filmmaking
  • Cinematography, Editing etc
  • Production and marketing management of films and Television shows
  • Practical in documentary film making, ads and promos, song picturisation and a film project.
  • Production Design, Sound Design and handling Postproduction
  • Documentary Films / Musicvideo / Adfilms
  • Insights about marketing, distribution & career development in Films and TV.Film Appreciation & Analysis

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Photography Course in Chandigarh

The specialization allows the student to be the writer and director for a short film project, while the cinematography specialization students handle the camera. The course by CFA Morph Academy is purely practical and will be focused on improving directing skills and helping you understand an independent approach on FilmMaking in Chandigarh and Punjab



After successfully completing the course, students can start their careers as independent line producers, unit production managers and production coordinators. Students can also get absorbed in the industry as assistant line producers, assistant production managers, location managers and production assistants.