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Mixing & Mastering Course

Mixing & Mastering Course

Morph Academy provides Music Mixing & Mastering Course in chandigarh.The process of audio production ,Music Mixing & Mastering Courses are equal parts art and science, with technology enhancing the creative efforts of an artist. Two of the most essential elements of production are mixing and mastering, which are often misunderstood by new producers to be one process. In fact, they are two separate processes and should never be combined.

Typically, a track requires two distinct individuals—a mix engineer (or the artist/producer) and a mastering engineer—to achieve a successful finish.

Mixing is the process of combining and adjusting individual elements to form a stereo audio file after a mixdown. It is the necessary step before mastering. Mastering involves adjusting EQs, compression, limiters and stereo enhancements after completing the mix of the stereo file. The mastering engineer’s only directive is to provide a clear, professional sound that listeners will enjoy on any media or device.

Our Mixing and Mastering course is a series of private individual sessions, divided into two parts. A student will learn and implement the process of mixing his or her own track with our mix engineer, then learn how to master the same track with our mastering engineer. Students will conclude the course with their own tracks mixed, mastered, and ready to be professionally released.

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Course Content

Part 1: Mixing

  • Fundamentals of Audio
  • Sonic Dimensions
  • Compression / Gates
  • EQ
  • Reverbs & Delays
  • Saturation, Distortion & Modulation
  • Mixing Process: 6 Sessions (varies depending on genre)

Part 2: Mastering

  • Introduction
  • Compression / Multi-band
  • EQ
  • Harmonic Excitation / Saturation / Tape
  • Limiter / Dithering / Down-sampling
  • Mastering Audio Process
Duration – 6 Months

Eligibility – 10, 10+2

Schedule – Monday to Saturday