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Cinematography Course

Cinematography Course

Cinematography Course in Chandigarh. Cinematography is an upcoming and popular career option. Cinematography is becoming more and more popular day by day, but to get into Cinematography one must not only needs a passion for Cinematography but also the skill for it. Cinematographer is a person who directs photography and camerawork .Without cinematographer film direction is impossible. Chandigarh Film Academy provides you all the essentials of film and video photography. Chandigarh Film Academy provides the best Cinematography Course in Chandigarh.

Cinematography Course in Chandigarh

Cinematography Course in Chandigarh. Chandigarh Film Academy is the best Cinematography Institute in Chandigarh and has a team of esteemed faculty who have rich experience in films, TV, ad films etc. to give proper training to the students. The best Cinematography course in Chandigarh. This course is designed to explore the artistic creation of the moving image. It will explore the craft and technology of cinematography and videography to increase consistency and predictability and to enhance experimentation in the creation of the moving image. Chandigarh Film Academy is the best Cinematography Institute in Punjab. This program prepares individuals to communicate dramatic information, moods, ideas, and feelings through the making and producing of films and videos. During the program you will gain a comprehensive range of practical production skills that focus on creative development, writing, directing, production and editing.

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Chandigarh Film Academy’s  Cinematography Course in Chandigarh is valued among the best Cinematography course in India.Chandigarh Film Academy (venture of Morph Academy) is a full-fledged media institute based in Chandigarh. Our Cinematography Institute in Chandigarh offers 100%job oriented courses with focus on practical learning. The students of Chandigarh Film Academy are educated the essentials of Cinematography, Digital Cinematography, Lighting, Composition and Camera Movements along with Basic of Film Making, film direction, Film Editing. Students are taught from looking at the script, to pre-production, production & post -production.

Course Contant

  • The principles of still and motion picture photography
  • Various types of light sources and their practical application
  • Basics of Lighting, Detailed Practical’s on Various Types of Lighting Situations
  • Filters and Composition, study of color temperature, Depth of Field
  • Study of movie cameras and various types of film stock
  • The grammar of single camera & multi camera placements
  • Roots and reasons for selecting a camera style
  • Study of the video cameras and principles of videography
  • Principles of Optics as applied to Photography
  • Assignments and Group Projects for Students on Digital Cameras
Duration – 12 Months

Eligibility – 10, 10+2

Schedule – Monday to Saturday