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Best Fashion Photography Institute in Chandigarh

Ever imaginary yourself as the next eminent fashion photographer?

Fashion Photography course in Chandigarh – A specialized move toward to capture the delightful world of fashion. Morph’s students will be trained by well-known and award-winning photographers who will guide them to develop their own signature style. This course offers hands-on international experience. A panel of respected Guest Lecturers will help students to appreciate the profitable aspects of photography. Best fashion photography institute in Chandigarh and Punjab. In this fashion photography course, learn every stage of a fashion shoot, from casting your styling team and model to the shoot day itself. These shots often take planning, preparation and a lot of effort to shoot and pull off but after watching these chapters hopefully you will feel inspired and have the insight to achieve stunning results like this yourself.



  • The basics of Photography
  • Cameras and Camera settings
  • Natural light photography
  • Artificial light photography
  • Photo capture set up
  • Picture Framing and composition
  • Food styling for Capture
  • Picture Processing with Adobe Photoshop



MODULE 1 – The basics of Photography

  • Understanding the basics of digital photography
  • The difference between all the major branches of photography
  • File types (RAW and JPEG)
  • White balance
  • The exposure triangle – Aperture, shutter speed and ISO

MODULE 2 – Cameras and Camera settings

  • Digital Cameras
  • Lenses and Focal Lengths
  • Tripods and Accessories
  • Camera Modes- Auto mode, aperture priority and shutter priority

MODULE 3 – Natural light photography

  • Hard Light vs Soft light
  • Diffusers and Reflectors
  • Natural light sources
  • Use of light in story telling
  • Front, back and side lights

MODULE 4 – Artificial light photography

  • Lighting Modifiers and Accessories
  • Lighting gear and studio lighting kits
  • Equipment setups- Studio lights and umbrellas
  • Remote Flash and Radio Wave
  • Standing Light and soft boxes

MODULE 5 – Photo capture set up

  • Photography work area establishment
  • Photo background selection
  • Shot Plan
  • Scene Creation
  • Use of props, backgrounds, surfaces and linens

MODULE 6 – Picture Framing and composition

  • Model Placement and pose setting
  • Rule of Thirds
  • Focus
  • Depth of Field
  • Perspective and Angle
  • Focal length, Lens compression and depth of field
  • Shapes , lines and colors

MODULE 7 – Tricks of Sports and action photography

  • Styling techniques for magazine photo shoots
  • Styling techniques for Online stores
  • Styling technique for Runway cover shoots
  • Styling for fantasy portraits
  • Model make up, pose and charisma

MODULE 8 – Picture Processing with Adobe Photoshop

  • File compatibility
  • Color corrections and image adjustments
  • Color space
  • Photo manipulation and photo effects
  • Tricks and tips used in Adobe Photoshop for photo editing
  • Back up and storage
  • Copyrighting


Basic Beginners Photography Course1 Months10th and 12th
Certificate Course in  Photography3 Months10th and 12th
Diploma in Professional Photography6 Months10th and 12th


Become a fashion photographer, one be supposed to have an excellent intelligence of artistic compassion, a methodical knowledge of cameras, its technicalities and viewpoint, along with good visual imagination, computer awareness, and communicating skills. Best fashion photography institute in Chandigarh and Punjab.


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