About Animation Institute in Chandigarh

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Developing the next generation of film industry talent

CFA Venture of Morph Academy with the aim of as long as world class quality education to the aspirants for the whole range of Film Making and production industry related courses, covering all key Course and Training  like Acting, Modeling, Cinematography, Direction, Editing, Production, Scriptwriting, Sound and VFX.

Chandigarh Film making Academy aims to provide its students best courses filmmaking & video curriculum production using video equipments. Students who want to become independent filmmakers could join the classes .

Animation Institute in Chandigarh

We are offering   Film making and film direction courses in Chandigarh and Punjab. The Film Academy in Punjab invites industry professionals and hosts seminars to help students to learn   more and best they can in this field. Student can take admission after 10th or 12th. Chandigarh Film Academy, Punjab courses balance the study of the art form with practical experience, in order to train students to be the best filmmakers and actors they can be. The subjects trained are equilibrium of classroom instruction, hands-on workshops, and immediate experience.

Vision and Mission

If you has dreams and passion then we at the Chandigarh Film Academy, Punjab, provides you the right path to follow your dreams. Our well planned and extremely professional courses will show you on your journey toward fulfilling your dreams.

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